Social Network Documentation

Simple Setup

Installing the software is simple. You'll need the following information:

  • FTP Details
  • MYSQL database details (username, password, database).

Uploading Files

  • First locate the core files in the folder: core_files/ and extract them.
  • Upload the files to your main web directory. A sub folder is fine too.
  • CHMOD the following files temporarily to 0777: application/config/config.php, application/config/database.php and .htaccess (in the root folder).
  • Run the setup.php file in the main document of the file. So if you installed your site in, you would run

  • Follow the step by step instructions that allow you to setup the system.
  • If you have issues using the setup.php file, please refer to the Setup & Installation document which will give you a step by step guide of setting up the system manually.

If you want a more detailed install guide which explains everything more clearly, check out our Setup & Installation document.

How to CHMOD

CHMOD is the process of setting a file's read/write permissions. In order to run the setup.php, it needs to be able to write to 3 core files temporarily whilst you run the setup. You'll need to set the files above to 0777 which grants the setup the correct access. To CHMOD a file, you need to navigate to the file in your FTP and right click the file. You'll want to look for something like permissions, chmod, or properties. Here you'll be able to set the CHMOD value.

Once you have completed the setup, chmod the files back to their default of 0644.