Social Network Documentation


Each user has a profile that they can customize to their liking. The image options include uploading an avatar and a profile header image. These can be done in the user's settings page.

The profile of a user shows posts only made by that user and if user's attempt to post on their profile. These same options are available for posting, including tagging, mentions, location and uploading images/video.

Each user can be friends with other users, unless the user has friend requests turned off in their privacy settings. On a user's profile, you'll see a list of friends that the user is friends with. If the profile is your own, the option to defriend users will become available.

Each user can also create Albums that can be used to categorize images you have uploaded. By default, when you upload an image from a post, it is automatically added to the Feed Album. This album is a special album that cannot be deleted and is the default album that newly uploaded images from posts are added to.

Users can create multiple albums to organise their images. Users can upload either one file at a time or a batch of files using the mutli-photo uploaded. When a photo is uploaded, there is also the option to make a Feed Post about it, so that other users can comment and like it.

Users can change the permissions of who can post on their wall and view their profile in the Permission Settings.