Social Network Documentation

Modifying the HTML & CSS

You can modify the HTML and CSS of the product to match the look and feel of your website. You can manually edit the CSS files that control the site's look and feel.

You can find the CSS file in styles/main.css. Here you will be able to see the current rules that have been created for the site. You may want to put your own rules at the bottom of the file, or even create your own CSS file and include that into the site layout. This will be useful should you ever wish to upgrade the product with a newer version and your settings won't be overwritten.

You may also wish to change the HTML of the site. All HTML files are inside the application/views/ folders. The layout HTML file can be found in application/views/layout/layout.php. This file is the core of the site structure. There are some PHP coding inside the HTML files which is used to generate the dynamic content; we suggest not modifying these as it could cause unexpected errors in your system.

Remember, you can find out more information on how to use Views, Controllers and Models using the CodeIgniter framework by reading their documentation: