Version 1.1 now live!

Version 1.1 is now live for Social Network. It includes lots of new features:

  • Fixed issue with tagging user’s with names in foreign characters
  • Updated CodeIgniter to Version 3.1.7
  • Fixed issue with Sortable.js library
  • Fixed Tagging Users error
  • New Advert Settings page in Admin
  • Can enable Ads on Feed page and/or Profile/Pages page
  • Added new Rotation Adverts feature that allows you to add Adverts to the site.
  • Admin can manage Rotation Adverts in Admin Panel; Accept/Reject, set price for pageviews, view active adverts.
  • Added Payment Settings page to Admin Panel; setup paypal, stripe and 2checkout
  • Users can buy credits using any of the three payment processors: PayPal, Stripe, 2Checkout
  • Users can purchase a Rotation Advert that is displayed on the site using Credits.
  • Implemented Promoted Posts
  • Users can pay credits to promote their posts to everyone’s dashboard for X amount of pageviews.
  • Admin can approve/reject all promoted posts.
  • Implemented User Polls; users can now create a poll when making a post. Select from Multiple Votes or Single Votes.
  • Updated Editor to highlight buttons when you have active content
  • Updated Login/Register pages
  • Updated comments to link to user profile
  • Added ability to delete notification
  • Updated User Notification to use Email Template
  • Added option to Admin Panel to auto-resize user uploaded avatars
  • Can now add “Verified” icons next to usernames and update users in Admin Panel
  • You can enable users to be able to purchase Verified status using Credits from the Funds section
  • Set price of cost to become verified in the Admin Panel
  • Users can also submit Verified Requests from the User Settings page. Option to disable this added in Admin Panel.
  • Manage all submitted Verified Requests from Admin Panel

15/03/2018 - Posted by Admin

Social Network First Version

Hello everyone! The first version of the Social Network system is being uploaded today and we couldn't be more excited! The system has been worked on for last four months and it's great to finally have it out.

But we aren't stopping there!

Over the coming months we'll be taking your feedback, suggestions and bug reports into account and keep the product up to date. Over time, we'll make this one of the best Social Network systems available on the internet. If you have any ideas that you'd like to see added, just send us a message at

If you have any questions, feel free to use the comments section on CodeCanyon!.

Thanks :)

26/10/2017 - Posted by Admin