Social Network Documentation


Pages are a section of the site that a user can use to make their own custom page that other members can view/join. Pages work similarly to profiles, only that they are not related to a single user but a group of users.

A user can create a new page if they have the Page Creator User Role. Like with Profiles, the user can customize the Page's avatar and profile header.

A page can either be Public or Private. Public pages can be viewed by anyone whereas Private pages need to you to have an invite in order to see the page. All public pages can be viewed in the All Pages section.

Settings for each page include being able to restrict who can post on the Page's Frontpage (only page admins, members or everyone) and also the option to restrict Albums, Members and Events to members of the page.

Each page has a Members section which lists all the page's members. Members of a page can have one of two roles: Member or Admin. Page Admins can update the page's settings, invite other users and more.

Each page has it's own Event section. Here a Page Admin can add Events to their page, which can then be marked as attended by its page's members. Events are shown in a Calendar, so that users can see when the Event is. Clicking on an Event will reveal more information, including Time, Location and other details. When an event is created, there is also the option for the page to make a post about it.

Similarly, each Page has it's own Albums section for uploading and organising images.